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Florida Solar Power Can Save You Money

When one pictures Florida, thoughts immediate go to beautiful sandy beaches and gorgeous sunny skies. For the most part, that is true so one would also think that with such a sunny climate, Florida might be one of the nation’s leaders in solar power. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Despite it’s size, Florida only ranks as the sixth largest state in the U.S. for total installed solar capacity in 2010 with 34.8 megawatts. Florida could clearly do better as New Jersey, a much smaller state with a worse climate for solar power, currently ranks second in the nation for total 2010 installed solar capacity with 132.4 megawatts. So what gives Florida?

Florida got the renewable energy ball rolling in 2006 when they adopted the Florida Energy Act. Among other things, this Act established the Solar Energy Systems Incentives Program which was created to offer rebates for individuals or businesses to purchase solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, and solar thermal pool heating systems. At one time, the rebates offered through this program were very generous. Qualifying solar photovoltaic systems were eligible for a $4 per watt rebate which was capped at $20,000 for homes and $100,000 for businesses. Unfortunately, the program ran out of funding in 2010 and the Florida legislature has yet to re-allocate funding to this program. As a result, the fate of solar in Florida rests on a mish-mash of local utility rebate programs to help Florida residents go solar.

Unfortunately, Florida does not have s a renewable energy standard which would require all of Florida’s utilities to generate a percentage (typically between 15-20%) of their electricity from renewable sources. This would provide Florida’s utilities the proper incentive to create much larger renewable energy rebate programs to help promote the adoption of technologies like solar. Despite all of this, there is consumer demand for solar in Florida and those residents that are able to go solar, are enjoying the benefits of solar, like lower utility bills. Fortunately, Florida is filled with many reputable solar installers who different purchasing, leasing and financing programs to help Floridians go solar even with a large state solar rebate apparatus in place.

Home Solar Financing

While many Florida residents may be excited at the prospect of investing in solar panels for the home, since the average residential solar system costs between $15,000-$25,000 after rebates and incentives, this may represent too large of an upfront investment for most people. Not too worry…our FL solar installation partners recognize this have developed a number of solar financing options to help residents invest in solar power without having to come up with such a large up-front payment. So even if you do not think you can afford the cost of solar up front, make sure you still talk to FL solar companies who can educate you on all available solar financing options.

Home Solar Benefits

The benefits of home solar power are numerous, especially when it comes to saving money. Those that own solar power systems no longer pay utility companies thousands of dollars each year because a solar power system may be able to lower you electric bill by 70% or more. And now with available government rebates and incentives, solar power systems can cost homeowners only about half as much. Many solar companies in FL also have fantastic financing programs that can require as little as $0 down with a monthly payment structure that will still be less than what you are paying for electricity without solar. In addition, by installing solar you may be able to not only increase your home value by $20,000-$40,000 but can also protect yourself from rising electricity costs over time. In a little as a minute, you can fill out the solar quote request above and begin receiving free estimates from qualified FL solar installers today!


Hiring the right solar energy installer is essential to a hassle-free, efficient home solar installation. FL solar panels are a large investment, not only for your wallet but for your property. Make an investment now to ensure better future returns. To ensure that your system runs optimally, you’ll need to hire a certified and experienced solar professional who can guide you through every step of the solar installation process – from low interest finance options to maintenance – and help you avoid the common mistakes that people make when going solar. All of our solar installation partners are highly qualified, Florida solar energy professionals. When you get a quote through, rest assured that you are getting a residential solar quote from reputable and professional solar installers. provides no-cost, no-obligation, risk-free solar estimates to anyone interested in lowering their electricity bill and going green.